GigaPoints uses data, not guesses, to find the credit card that rewards you the most.

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The truth: There is no “best” credit card

There’s just the best credit card for you. Any site that recommends a card without analyzing your individual spending habits is probably costing you.

See how much you’re missing out on

You can easily compare other credit cards to your curent cards to see if you could be earning more rewards.

Free travel. Big discounts. Cash back.


With the right credit card, you get rewarded for your spending in a way that works for you.

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We’re serious about security

We are committed to protecting your data and privacy, forever. We use an encrypted token system to source data from your bank. That means your login information is never stored on our servers, and no changes can be made to your accounts.

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    Sign up for free and link your current cards.

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    Let the GigaPoints Analyzer do its work. It’s almost instant.

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    Find the best card for you and watch the rewards add up.